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Saturday, August 3, 2019, an avowed white racist with a plan to kill Mexicans with his assault weapon, drove 600 miles from Allen, Texas to an El Paso Walmart on a busy back-to-school shopping day, killing 23 innocent victims, injuring 26, traumatizing hundreds of shoppers and wounding the community of El Paso, known as one of the safest cities in the US.

About Our Mission

The shooter admitted his mission was to “kill Mexicans” and a manifesto was published online to further expand the hate. Those who aided, abetted and encouraged the shooter hid, and still need to be identified.

As one of many hate crimes on the rise around the world motivated by bias or intolerance toward a person’s  race, ethnicity, language, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender or disability, a group of El Pasoans recognized the need for action.

We created  a central mechanism for safe, easy reporting of hate crimes; we want to educate the public to identify hate crimes and we created tools to address these crimes when they occur, including empowering a community wide coalition to support and empower a shift in the balance of strength.

Our mission is to provide an alternative to hate through information, inspiration, action and support for our community. STOPTHEHATE as a whole is focused on preventing and addressing mass victim hate crimes throughout local communities.

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The El Paso Massacre

Victim Testimonials Following the El Paso Massacre

Courtesy of Charlie Minn Who Provided the Film and Footage




Here are the steps we're taking

  1. STOPTHEHATE is designed to be the organizer for a coalition of community based agencies and organizations to best impact the fight against hate crimes at local levels.
  2. STOPTHEHATE will provide and promote a confidential nation-wide toll-free STOPTHE HATE number to report outcries.
  3. STOPTHEHATE will develop and provide training and education modules targeted to pre-K, elementary, high school, community and corporate organizations that focus on the following topics: What is a hate crime? How and why to report a hate crime.


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Brian Kennedy